School Ties

August 21, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

just slightly lacking – but lots of eye candy School Ties is a reasonably enlightening tale of anti-semitism at a top high school in Massachusetts in the 1950s, but in the end it doesn’t quite get enough depth, being too focused on the drama to feel like real life. However on its central theme it is good. It is surprising, perhaps, just how prevalent the prejudice was, and you certainly don’t warm to many of the kids on show. As someone who, like Brendan Fraser’s character, went to a public school on a scholarship and was bullied, not for…

Anonymous says:

the 50s again I did not expect to enjoy this dvd, but i did, interesting to see some of todays stars just starting out,the story of a jewish lad getting head hunted for his football skills,and him keeping that fact to himself, about his being jewish,it being the 50s ,and you ,as a veiwer knowing it will come out,and feeling fearful for him ,how he copes makes for good little film,if the abuse of him can be veiwed like that,but you will be cheering him on sueb

Anonymous says:

A good film Very good

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