Wolf Creek 2

September 6, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Much better sequel to Wolf Creek and a ‘genuine’ must for horror fans. Wolf Creek 2 is far much better than the first, poor helpling they brought us. The acting is so much better and the overall movies production and script well adapted.It stars the same sadistic butcher/killer in the scorched Australian outback, played brilliantly by John Jarratt who is determined to keep the Aussie outback ‘foreigner’ free in the most horrific of circumstances and nothing or nobody will get in his way while he once again goes on a ‘not for the weak hearted’ blood…

Anonymous says:

It’s a great sequel, and yeah there are people like this … Well, if you want a cold unemotional killer, who has the IQ of a neanderthal and is also a racist, then hey, this delivers well. It’s a great sequel, and yeah there are people like this in the world, in every country. Just so happens that in unpopulated Australia you are more likely to get away with it!! It’s very tongue in cheek, scary and violent, and although the character is meant to be totally abhorrent, is a perverse way you kind of enjoy his journey. Films and human nature are weird that…

Anonymous says:

A worthy sequal! It was great to watch a worthy sequel!This doesn’t hold back on the violence front but then what were you expecting after the first one. Enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat and feeling glad your watching it from the comfort of your own sofa and not somewhere in the Australian bush!The actor who plays the baddy Taylor gives plenty of creepiness and menace to the part to keep you glued!I would watch it again and I cant say that for…

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